Welcome to my Level-Up Your Gaming Experience website everyone. Calling all gamers! From consoles and handhelds, to VR and PC gamers, all are welcome to join in.  Most of the content that will be published on this website will talk about getting the right gear for the games you spend most of your time on.  I know its cool to get all the fancy gear and accessories but the real question is are you getting the right equipment for the games you play?  Just like any other regular physical sport out there, I’m pretty sure a true gamer such as ourselves would prefer certain brands over others; just like how sports fans have a preferred shoe company or jersey company.  We just want to make the most out of our gaming setup, and here at game-gears.com, we aim to do just that.

Make the most out of your budget by getting to know the specs of certain gaming equipment you got your head on before throwing all your cash out, only to end up buying a different one after a few months or so.  Find the right TV or monitor depending on the games you play.  Are you and RPG fan?  Do you play a lot of MOBA or FPS games?  Don’t be disillusioned by the statement “bigger is better” because trust me, playing a FPS game on a 55″ monitor might feel a little overwhelming and takes the fun out of things when you end up dead most of the time anyway.  Wondering how to build a PC from scratch and save yourself some money from buying a pre-built model? Well you’re at the right place! Not only do we give you steps on how to build your own PC, we can help you with getting the right parts for the right price and make sure that you get the most out of these parts by recommending other components that work will with it.

Just a quick flashback on my gaming experience

I had always been a gamer by heart.  I started probably way back in grade school when the nintendo handhelds first came out, and boy oh boy would I spend a lot of money on batteries before rechargeable ones dominated the scene.  There’s just something so immersive about gaming that the stories, characters and game play itself becomes so much a part of you that you think about it before you sleep.  Remember all those days or nights where you couldn’t get past a level?  Or the days where the internet had so little influence on games that you couldn’t simply search for good enough walkthrough’s or game guides?  Man, those were the days where finishing a game up to its very end was a journey that you and your willpower alone could accomplish.

Then slowly as both playstation and Xbox started getting involved with their consoles, the gaming crowd just went boom.  Technology as we know it, evolves at a rapid rate, the gaming industry is no exception.  Growth and development in the technological industry brings new innovations to the gaming scene, from animation technology, to software and AI that help make a great game, to the equipment themselves, or hardware that render the game.  Gaming has blurred the lines of what is real from what is virtual through the advances of technology.  In order for such games to be experienced at their maximum potential, certain equipment or hardware is required.

With the plurality of choices we have on the internet and retail stores, we get so overwhelmed that we tend to buy popular brands, or brands labeled as “trusted” just because we associate price with performance.  With the internet being the number one source of information nowadays, its really easy to type in a certain model, or brand and find out about it.  However, its difficult to really find out whether these equipment we buy fit our gaming needs not until we have them in our hands for a test run.  Not to mention computer components as another field where its fairly easy to get certain PC builds online, however putting all the pieces together isn’t as easy without the right source of information.  Here at game-gears.com, we aim to build a community of gamers where information is easily available and reliable because people have either already tried it or currently have there hands on it.  We are like the information search engine for anything gaming gear related.

The Game Is Always Changing

The game is always changing.  From the technology itself that makes games, and equipment we play games on; to the genres and trends that software developers tend to conform to based on consumer demand and popularity.  Consoles are ever so popular, however software that have been previously exclusive to consoles like playstation and Xbox are slowly, but inevitably being available on the PC platform as well through steam.  With computers, and its components themselves being developed to be more flexible in terms of recognizing certain accessories we plug into them, the PC platform has evolved, and will continue to evolve as one of the leading platforms for gaming.

Here at game-gears.com, we give you information on what’s hot and what’s not in terms of components, accessories and equipment.  But not only that, we take your budget into consideration.  Sure buying the most recommended flat-screen OLED TV for playing on your Xbox, Playstation, or Nintendo may work, but we save your time and give you a breakdown on its specs and how it compares to more affordable brands without sacrificing the experience you get from more expensive brands.  You never know when you have the latest tech for the games you’re looking forward to, because the scene always changes, there might be more visual demand for certain games so you have to upgrade your monitor, TV or video cards, but here at our website, you don’t always have to spend on the trendy brands, you just have to spend smart on the ones that give you the same experience and save yourself a couple of bucks for DLC.

One Size Fits All

One size fits all, in terms of the PC gaming world or Console gaming world, get the latest tech and you’ll be able to play all the games, from new to old with the full optimized experience that you deserve.  At the price of what? A huge amount of money, and a lot more of your time because most often than not you’re gonna have to work much more to afford expensive tech.  Consequently leaving you with less to no time for the gaming experience you worked oh so hard for.

I created this website to provide you with technology that will optimize your gaming experience on the games you frequently play, on a budget that is boh friendly and optimized for your exact gaming needs.

If you ever need a hand or have ay questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Karlo North


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